Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One day (I do not when !) my readers will find it interesting that a search for Hallaj through Google will bring them to my site, however Yahoo will take them to more widely published well known sites dedicated to Hallaj. To keep the record straight I will like to call Hallaj as Husain Hallaj not Mansour Hallaj as most of the writers do, This great person was son of Mansour & His name was Husain. A search from any good encyclopedia will make my point clear.While I am still trying to read about Hallaj & acquire His work my feeling is that He was not an orthodox Muslim, as a matter of fact He may not fit the portrait of a Muslim at all. Therefore, calling him Hazrat, & portraying Him like a Muslim sufi may be a wrong approach. Husain Hallaj expressed his feelings about Love in a way like no one ever did. what He found from His search of truth took Him to the butchers block. Many 'prominent Muslim scholars' of His time & the times after Him believed He deserved the punishment He got. Hence, it will be unfair to lump Him with other Muslims. Unlike Muslims who believe Islam means submission, Hallaj took a different path. His ideas about humanity, love, and self consciousness makes Him a secular humanist, and these views even today may be considered sacrilegious to orthodox Muslims. Therefore, while others may try to drag Him into mainstream Islam, I will always remember Him as a great human being who sought Truth which sat Him free.

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