Friday, November 4, 2011

A tribute to Mr. Jobs. Like many others Mr. Jobs earned my respect by overcoming the odds. He taught fellow mankind to be different & innovative. Finding yourself is the best thing you can do. His life tells us about the short time we live on this Earth, he used every second of his 56 years in such a way that he has become immortal. We take 'time' for granted & waste it all the time. Life is an illusion whereas death is a reality however, we ignore the reality & emphasize more on ethereal life. Very few of us think about leaving a legacy. October 2011 was a long month we saw 2 lives coming to an end, for one, millions of eyes were teary, for the other it was a time of celebration( personally I do not think any ones death should be a cause of celebration, it should be a lesson but the history tells us that lessons are seldom learned).

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