Thursday, October 6, 2011

PART TWO: Dear Readers, I read the interview of the late Benazir Bhutto in the Parade magazine dated January 6, 2008 with a lot of interest. It was done weeks before her death. And I would like to make some comments about the statements Ms. Bhutto made. On page 7 she mentions that when she was in Dubai "she has only God" a very amusing statement indeed. Was she living in a tent on some sand dune & survived by eating dates? Yet deeper into the interview we find that she hired Hillary Clinton's image maker Mark Penn, while her children were going to some prestigious schools like Oxford, but during this time she did not have any bank account or a credit card? If I was Gail Sheehy, I would of course, have asked that which God Ms Bhutto was worshipping? This God must be very generous and more powerful than the God of Christians, Muslims, Jews, or Hindus, I will worship that God 10 times a day or as many times as He will ask me if he'd pay my bills! I remember when I was going to school here in the USA I ended up with a debt of $40000.00, it took me several years to pay off that debt. If there is anyone out there who knows this god of Benazir Bhutto let me know. When Gail asks about the $1.5 billion Benazir siphoned from the Pakistani government, she does not deny the charge, rather she points her finger towards six other companies in Pakistan which also committed this crime! As if it were the right thing to do-to steal from a poor country. You the people of Pakistan, why you are not asking this question that which are those companies, and why they are not being prosecuted? Mr. Imran Khan of Justice Party will you just chase the mirage of being prime minister of Pakistan one day or would you rather go for some noble cause, here are some suggestions : Expose the crooks in Pakistan from your Party's platform, and try putting some teeth into the land reform acts of Pakistan so that we can get rid of these feudal lords. These people are eating Pakistan like termites. An average Pakistani is so gullible or helpless that she/he can not do any thing about it but Mr.Khan you have some power, exercise it. Remind the people of Pakistan that all these feudal lords are the descendants of those traitors which collaborated with our former Masters, the British. Should the payments of the acts of treason be kept in modern Pakistan as the trophies? There is something else which also bothered me tremendously that Ms Bhutto insulted the Pakistani military by saying that she "will allow NATO forces in Pakistan"(itimplies that the Pakistani Military is not capable of catching the criminals. Hundreds,of Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives, and have caught more militants than any other forces of any other country. If NATO is that efficient then how come Mullah Omar is still roaming around in Afghanistan?) Ms. Bhutto shamelessly indicates that she wants to return to Pakistan, I see several wrong things here, first that she did was breaking the constitution by twisting the arm of the hapless Mussharaff. Then showed the ambition to become the prime minister of Pakistan for a third time. Who gave her the power to break the Pakistani constitution under which she took oath twice and both times screwed her country?Second- that she would allow foreign soldiers to enter in a sovereign country. This also leads to another question that when the number one enemies of the USA were holed up in the eastern mountains of Afghanistan then why was the Chief commander of the US forces sitting thousands of miles away and not where the action was taking place? Why did he not order the American forces to get the enemies? That general retired honorably and was never questioned for this gross act. He recently sold his name to a questionable company that was supposed to be a benevolent charity for veterans. Did he just see the dollar signs or did he investigate this company-or like the war did he "phone it in"?

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