Saturday, January 28, 2012

A geology axiom is "present is key to the past", there is another saying that history repeats itself that should make us think that this Earth & its inhabitants will not be the same. We are bound to change, the changes are inevitable, we may or may not like them but our future generations will have to accept them. My experience have taught me that most of the people do not like to think about the future, they believe the human life will go on like this forever, or there will be day of judgement; the material world will come to an end ; we will be living in a different type of world.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Please enlighten me. This is not the final version, I am working on this project, but I want to save it any way (it can be tricky sometimes). Since I do not want to be engaged in any kind of religious therefore please do not tell me god exists, just shut up. Here are some reasons I do not want to get into the god's business, in my perception this whole concept of god is invented by men. Since people are different, their perceptions regarding god are different. If there was a god it would have talked to the people in a language they can understand, instead of delivering its messages through some obscure strange characters, some of them called themselves the messengers, prophets, and the one even called himself the son of god; give me a break. Why god will send his son to save the stupid sinners/criminals & then get him crossed. We like to defy the nature by saying there were ten commandments delivered to a person on Sinai, another one comes out of a virgin(among the billions of women who have lived on this earth not one virgin woman has given birth to a male child, period). Following him(almost 500 years down the road) is the one who is claiming that he is the last prophet to deliver the god's message to the mortal souls, but he forgot to put that in writing(he could not read & write), his utterance was written years after his death, that was a crummy job because the complexity of the language needed some more work, finally the ultimate perfect version was completed almost 100 years after his death. The 'followers' always find a justification for the human's error. So far I have tried to analyze the folly of the people from the Middle East. If we go to the south Asia, China, Africa, south America, north America or Australia we find that god completely ignored them so they have to come up with their own spiritual beliefs(whatever that means}. Most of the believers in god think about him like a person just a lot bigger. Then the question comes why the god has to create this universe? (If you think seriously then it is very important question). Did he want to create this universe so he can play with us like a little girl playing with the dolls, that is just gross. Years ago after checking the mambo jumbo of different religions which emphasize in having faith in what we are being told, I took a different path; I tried to understand the nature using the laws of science(this the same approach which naturalist like Galileo to Darwin took). This approach worked for me for a while until I reached the scientific explanation of the universe. Here are some premises I am setting: 1. I do not question the observation of expanding(& accelerating while expanding) universe. 2. I understand the 'Time' is an abstract concept which we we have devised to gauge the rate of changes, its relativity is not questioned here; rather the question is why it is said that time started when the universe started? This is somewhat analogous to starting a new years calendar; before 2012 there was 2011, which to me means that time did exist before the start of this known Universe. We are told that this Universe was a singularity 13.7 billion years ago. Do we know where this funny 'singularity' came from & what it was doing prior to 13.7 billion years ago? 3. I really do not want to antagonize the living 'gods' of theoretical physics by saying 'can you please answer these questions without saying shut up otherwise I will throw another equation at you'. Or even worst, We are not going to honor you by answering your dumb questions, go and enroll in some university & after getting your PhD ask your questions. You 'gods the almighty of modern science' is there any way for an average mortal soul to understand what you are doing? Perhaps it was my lack of knowledge that I did not know even before Hubble, in 1920's some European clergy pointed out that at the time of inception this entire universe was like an atom, 10 years down the road the Red Shift gave us the same concept which more commonly is known as the Big Bang theory. If I am not wrong then Hubble calculated the age of the Universe from the rate of acceleration of the objects beyond our galaxy being 20 billion years. Then some pundits reduced that age to 13.7 billion years. This concept got a shot in the arm when Arno Penzia & Robert Wilson were trying to figure out the cause of the pervasive radiation in the Universe & with the help of Jim Peebles theoretical work(which he calculated to be 10 degrees above absolute zero as being the residual temperature of the initial explosion, Peebles himself probably got this idea from a USSR physicist's speculation). Penzia/Wilson found that back ground radiation to be 2.7 degrees above the absolute zero instead of 10 degrees . This makes me think about another physicist god Lord Kelvin who insisted upon accepting the age of the Earth being less than 100 million years old; geologist & evolutionary biologists of the late 19th century had hell of time in accepting Kelvin's number (who did not realize the nature of the radioactivity). By 1907 age of the Earth was re-established to be 1.5 billion years & today we are putting it close to 4.5 billion years. While I was trying to keep up with the new Ideas I found one claim that our universe could be inside a Black hole, another claim I read was that time will come to an end in 5 billion years, some one else is coming up with the concept of ultraverse/super universe. While I am still trying to understand dark matter & dark energy comes another discovery that some one is stealing some parts of our Universe, this mysterious thief is forcing these poor galaxies to move away (apparently away from our Universe)at a rate of >2 million miles an hour. Truth as it may be, the question remains why the gods like Einstein, Bohr, & Hawking did not try to find out why the laws of physics fail to explain the nature of this singularity. Just to think & accept the idea of this Universe being at one point is making me feel dizzy & then thinking what kind of force was responsible for tearing this singularity apart & start creating matter & energy from nothing is just as absurd as accepting the concept of god who created the universe. Please forgive me for crawling on my knees & asking the questions to these sprinters how you can run this fast? After all that singularity has to be infinitesimally more massive than the most massive black hole in the Universe, and if that is so, then how the matter & the energy was able to escape from this point? If I accept Peebles hypothesis & combine it with Penzia/Wilson's then the age of the Universe has to be much older than 13.7 billion years. I will try to think about the future some other day, right now I am trying to think how we got started? If there is a kind soul who is reading my confusion can guide me to the work of the 'gods of physics' which have some plausible answers to my questions. If possible then please quote me some sources where these issues have been addressed.