Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From Jesus to Pervez.

When I was a child I used to poke hornets nests; of course, I got stung many times, I will walk around with my swollen face for several days. I guess old habits do not die. Whenever I go on Youtube & some songs make me think, then I write some comments. My comments are very seldom subtle & of course, I speak my mind, with out worrying what anyone else will think. I do not accept any authority. As a result I get a lot of hate emails. Following are the two postings from my Facebook page. I am editing & posting them for those who like to think. There are times in our lives when sailing is not as smooth, it does not matter how much you planned, how hard you worked, you can still end up in a dump. It might be an iceberg or a rogue wave, your ship has sunk. You were lucky enough to get some temporary refuge in a small boat, then that boat capsized. Again, you were careful to have a life jacket, it will not let you sink but how about this icy frigid water; some of us could be strong enough to claim the title of polar bear but, we are not polar bears. I just hope end comes because of hypothermia, it is not as painful as being water-boarded (by the savers of a democracy) because of some false baseless charges. I really do not know under what name this posting will appear? At this point I just feel like an eternal fugitive, trying to escape Kafka's trial. I have to admire Hallaj & Sermad, or Jesus (if he was not a fictional character, how can you walk on water, or bring dead to life?). So I have lost all the redeeming values. My last posting should by no means be considered as an appeal for mercy, or gain sympathy. Eagles & lions do not need them, we roar & we soar. I just wanted to write a blog, but this stupid maze of modern communication will not let me do what I want. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a webcam installed & find out from the 'experts' how to post a blog or go on the Youtube. I really want to throw some firecrackers towards Pakistanis (I love Pakistan as a country only if the majority of Pakistanis can be be removed from that land), and especially so called 'Muslims'. I just saw a picture of Pervez who was celebrating August 14th in Dubai. Dubai ! what a place where Michael Jackson, Benazir & other out casts found a refuge. I wonder what Pervez is expecting to do now what he could not achieve when he was a dictator? Even though I have not been so active in the cyberspace but I am always getting hate emails, I can just visualize the frothing mouths of rabies infested creatures. They think I will take offense or get into a debate. Not a chance. A Persian phrase expresses me well 'barking of dogs never scare a Gada(look up the meaning) or take away his meal-in my case my drink. I am getting ready for a holy occasion when millions of sheep & other poor animals will be brought to be slaughtered in a holy-land(?)so the believers can go to heaven.

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