Sunday, December 25, 2011

Please accept my apologies for not making my points clear. As I humbly wrote that we as scientists try to explain what we observe, not what comes to our mind (of course that is an other realm). Here is what I have learned:- We are not becoming wiser, only the collective wisdom of the mankind has increased. If we were becoming wiser with the passage of time we could easily explain Pythagorean theorem or the concept of ‘special relativity’ or general relativity, after all these are century to millennium old ideas. Light takes 100,000 light years to cross our Milky way galaxy (velocity of light 186,000 mps) & we do not know how many galaxies are there. All we can see is up to 13.7 light years, what is beyond that can be any ones guess. One of my student asked me what is beyond our universe? My response was I do not know, perhaps another Universe or nothing at all. She tried to drag me into a religious sphere saying, do you know there are no atheist in fox holes? I had been not into any foxhole but I have seen death very closely in some fatal wreck or guns in my face; during those incidences the only thoughts come to my mind were, I will find out how the air bags are going to work; or how much pain the bullet will inflict. As a geologist I have found out that our sun is at least second or third generation star from the time of inception of this Universe, otherwise we would not have 90+ elements. And without many of these higher elements life could not have started. And when it got started as a single non nucleated cell about 4 billion years ago(it will take me 128 years of non stop counting to reach the number of 4 billion), it got to our level in that much time. Only a few thousand years ago we have started talking coherently & when we go around the globe we see so many different groups with so many different ideas that they could not be coming from one source. So why the Almighty one will keeps us wandering; if after these billions of years we could not get a unified message what should make me think I will find the answer during next billion years? By the way even if I live that long the human race will not, give or take few million years our offspring will be totally different. Just look at the fossils of Genus Homo which are only 2 million years old. We evolve, we adapt or perish. I can end the current dialogue again with an Urdu sonnet, what exists here is what we believe. I am yet to know a scientist who tries to convert someone’s beliefs. It will be disservice if I ever try to take some one out of their comfort zone. And yes I feel even less than a puny in the larger scheme of this known part of the Universe.

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